In KUDU every effort is made to ensure high quality at all stages of coffee processing. In general, coffee processing can be summarized in three main methods/techniques.

Washed, Semi-Washed and Natural. These include some more specific procedures, such as decaffeination, picking, drying, dry milling and resting of the coffee beans.

Coffee roasting is one of the most important and decisive steps in coffee processing. It requires special attention, as different coffee varieties roast differently, affecting the final flavor. In KUDU, roasting is done by machines of the latest technology, with precise thermal sensors that constantly monitor the heat curve, to ensure that the coffee beans are cooked to the proper temperature.


During roasting, coffee beans turn from green to brown, they lose water, their volume increases and acquire their aroma and flavor. At the end of the roasting procedure they are cooled immediately to stop the natural process of combustion.

Then the coffee is stored in specially designed storage spaces, in order to fully develop its characteristics. After 3 days, the coffee is packed in special packages with an air valve, in order to secure the best preservation of its taste, aroma and flavor.

KUDU Coffee Roasters has the appropriate experience and expertise to monitor the whole roasting process

It is our personal responsibility and goal, to highlight the uniqueness of the coffee origin, through the right roasting, so that the customer will enjoy a high quality and unforgettable coffee experience.