KUDU Coffee Shop

KUDU coffee comes from exceptional Arabica coffee beans, which grow in ideal climatic conditions and offer characteristic flavors, due to the unique soil that they grow in. The singularity of these coffee varieties lies in their flavor and aromatic characteristics. Our continuous engagement in the coffee production process from the “birth” of the beans to cup, aims to assure the highest quality of KUDU coffee.

Our mission is to provide coffee lovers with unique coffee varieties and also offer an exclusive and unique tasting experience. The special flavor and aromatic characteristics of KUDU coffee remain apparent due to the airtight packages that are also available for retail purchase. In KUDU Coffee Roasters we roast our coffee beans right after purchasing and we pack them immediately in order to maintain the freshness and flavor.

KUDU Coffee Shop is located in Neo Psychiko area, 25th Martiou 22 str., 15451

Tel.: 217 722 30 40

kudu coffee shop front image


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