KUDU Coffee Roasters was established in 2013. Its main purpose is to provide clients and coffee lovers with fine quality coffee. Based on our many years of experience in catering and coffee services we created a modern processing and packaging unit, in Lykovrisi, Attica. Through its wide variety of coffees, KUDU promotes quality in taste.

In KUDU Coffee Roasters we closely monitor the entire process of coffee processing, in order to give to our customers an authentic and qualitative coffee experience; simply through a cup of coffee.

In our company we pay special attention to the collection, roasting and distilling of coffee beans, in order to highlight the unique flavor and distinct aroma of each and every coffee variety. Our continuous engagement in the entire process – from the “birth” of the coffee beans to the coffee cup – aims to offer to all KUDU customers an exclusive and rare dining experience.


In our specially equipped facilities, after cupping (tasting), the best coffee varieties are selected. They are then roasted, in state of the art machines, and KUDU coffee is produced. Then, all varieties are tested by skilled baristas, who contribute, with their valuable opinion, in the formulation of the final profile of the coffee, while proposing the best distillation conditions. Apart from the baristas, and before they hit the market, the coffee varieties are blind tested by our customers. In KUDU, we believe that the feedback from our clients enables us to further explore taste possibilities and to get the most out of our coffee; flavor and quality wise.


Our philosophy:

KUDU coffee comes from exceptional Arabica coffee beans, which grow in ideal climatic conditions and offer characteristic flavors, due to the unique soil that they grow in.

The singularity of these coffee varieties lies in their flavor and aromatic characteristics (acidity, body, flavor, and aroma). In all of our coffee packages the country of origin and the producing procedure is written.

We collect all the available information for the coffee processing and  growing conditions in every farm, to ensure the highest quality and taste. We produce and trade fine quality coffee. Our main aim is to meet the high expectations of our customers and to offer the highest quality product to the consumer.

KUDU’s philosophy is summarized in the following words:

High Quality – High Standards – Consistency.